[Video] NFA Trust – Do I Need Chief Law Enforcement Signature for NFA Guns?

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Making or purchasing NFA firearms has certain signature requirements under current law, unless you are using an NFA Trust.

There are two ways to make or purchase NFA items: you can do it as an individual, human being or you can use an NFA trust to make or purchase these items.

The difference is if you are an individual, today, you are required to get the chief law enforcement officer’s signature (permission) on your application to make or purchase NFA firearms. If you use a trust to do this, you don’t need a signature from your chief law enforcement officer; by using a trust you bypass the signature requirement and just submit the paperwork to ATF.

There are new regulations for NFA trusts that will go into effect July 13, 2016. In the new regulations, the signature requirement is now completely eliminated. So it equalizes NFA trusts that are applying to purchase or make NFA items, which did not need a signature before anyway with individuals who are applying to make or purchase NFA firearms which DID need a signature requirement before.

The new requirement is that you have to give the Chief law enforcement officer notification that you are making or purchasing NFA items. This will be valid for both individuals as well as NFA Trusts. There is no longer a signature requirement for individuals.

So, “Why should I have an NFA trust?” you might be asking. Well there are still good reasons to make or purchase your NFA items with an NFA trust, such as true estate planning to make sure your NFA items go to the appropriate people (beneficiaries), to give the trustees who may be unfamiliar with the specific NFA laws instructions on how to handle the trust, and to allow multiple people to have access to the NFA items at a given time.

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