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Think Pink Law recognizes and emphasizes that every case is unique! It is for this reason we offer so many service and fee options – our goal is to make the law accessible to clients as much as possible. Please contact us directly so we can discuss your specific needs and decide what kind of representation and fees work best for you!

Unbundled Services and Limited Scope Representation Think Pink Law offers simple solutions for a set fee for clients who would prefer to do most of the work themselves or clients who will be representing themselves pro se. Examples of unbundled services include reviewing contracts, drafting motions, legal strategy coaching, etc. In an unbundled service situation, each step of the legal process is broken down and separated. The lawyer agrees to take on only certain parts of the process, while the client is responsible for the rest. A checklist will be provided so the client will have a clear idea of the path the legal process will take and the division of responsibilities between the lawyer and the client.

Flat Fee Payment for Services For certain services and legal issues, a flat fee will be charged to the client. In many instances, a flat fee for a specific legal service is more reasonable under the circumstances and more affordable to the client. This allows the client to pay one fee one time, and not worry about any extra hourly charges. Unbundled services are included in this type of flat fee group of services. Examples of services to be paid as a flat fee include contract review, motion drafting, legal coaching sessions for a fixed time, simple wills and estate plans, uncontested divorce, bankruptcy filing, and trademark registration. ThinkPink Law accepts secure online payments to further our goal of being accessible and convenient for our clients.

Hourly Billing In certain circumstances, a complete solution might be necessary in order to provide the best service and representation for the client. The intricacies of a case and the complexity of the law may indicate that traditional hourly billing would be more appropriate for the case. Examples of these situations include cases involving unexpected discovery and litigation, where more research into the case and evidence in necessary, criminal cases, custody disputes, and estate claims and litigation.

Fixed Time Legal Consulting Services At Think Pink Law, we offer a one, three, or six month flat consulting fee, where clients can take comfort in knowing they have access to their lawyer for that time. Whether you need a simple answer to move forward with a business decision or want the comfort of knowing you have someone to call in a crisis, ThinkPink Law is there for you. In order to provide the best service we can, ThinkPink Law works with only a limited number of clients on this fixed time basis. This allows ThinkPink Law to make sure our fixed time clients have the accessibility they need.

    Our Methods of Communication and Doing Law Include

    • Online communication via email and video conference via Skype, minimizing interruptions to your life
    • Traveling to your location of choice for any service, bringing the law to you
    • Pay flat-fees online via PayPal for increased convenience and efficiency
    • Optional 24/7 access to all your case documents through our secure online portal

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