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Ready for a human lawyer who does things differently?

Julie Tolek, Esq., Founder

If you’re looking for a cool lawyer who will talk to you like a person, take time to explain things, cut through the BS, and not preach law down to you, you’ve come to the right place.

Think Pink Law is a human firm with human clients – real people who have real lives and personalities independent of the law. That’s why they call me (Julie Tolek), the “Lawyer for Humans.” That’s also why we have coffee and snacks at the office.

At its core, the role of a lawyer is a trusted advisor and a counsellor. No matter what brings you into my office, I will tell you the good with the bad, I will try to make you laugh, I will work with you as a team to figure out the best path for your issue, and most importantly I will treat you like a person.

At my office in Framingham, Massachusetts or online via video, wherever you are, there I am.

2nd Amendment Compliance & Consulting

Whether you’re applying for your License or appealing a denial of your LTC or a restriction, we can help. We also consult generally on Firearms law with individuals, law enforcement about firearms laws, with dealer for ATF Compliance, and CORI review.

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Family Law

No need to be scared of the D word. From prenups to divorce, we provide the legal support and personal service you need. We handle your prenup, divorce, child custody, child support, or alimony issues with a human touch because, well, you’re human!

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Think Pink Law handles and welcomes adoption cases, including same sex co-parent adoptions! The adoption process can be overwhelming and intrusive. Let us put the human touch back into this process – it is an honor for us to be part of such an intimate experience.

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Mediation can be a great way to work together outside of court to come up with solutions to your divorce issues. Work together, not against each other, and maintain control of your case instead of taking a chance on a judge, a stranger. Nobody knows your family like you do.

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Wills & Trusts

Planning for the future? Death is not a fun topic but it doesn’t have to be difficult as well. At Think Pink Law, we strive to cultivate a comfortable environment in which to discuss end of life planning, write your simple will or trust, and take care of your estate planning.

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A la Carte & Limited Scope

Sometimes you don’t need an attorney for every part of your case. A la carte or limited scope services can break your case up into bites such as filling out proper forms, researching and explaining the law, or appearing in court for only certain portions of your case.

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